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Csillagszem BT. (FOOD INDUS TRACE)
Name of SME:         Csillagszem BT.
Project Title:             Emerging technologies for food industry tracebility
Project Acronym:     FOOD INDUS TRACE
Call Deatails:           FP6-2005-4-A, topic
Project type:             IP
Subject of the project:
To improve the European food and feed tracebility by helping the European industry (and in particular SMEs) to turn new research findings and emerging technologies into commercial applications.
Context of the project:
The project is relevant to the societal and policy context of the food tracebility of the Food Quality and Safety Priority as it will directly improve the implementation of farm to fork tracebility systems.
Consortium composition:
Industry plays a major role with 39 partners including 31 SMEs from 20 countries. These SMEs have different core business: biotechnology (7 SMEs), RFID and sensors (6 private companies), and ICT for food tracebility. For this last section a “pool of tracebility provider” has been settled. It allows to cover all food supply chains in 15 countries. Partners from the USA (University of Michigan) play a major role in the project.
25.413.000 euros
Work programme:
Horizontal sub-projects:
1 Needs assessments, technology watch and emerging technologies evaluation
2 Scaling up and validation
3 Food chain integration, technology transfer and traing activities
Technological sub-projects:
1 Tracebility analysis technologies
2 Product identification technologies
3 Process and handling monitoring technologies
4 ICT software technologies for tracebility system integration
Brief description of the SME:
Csillagszem BT. is a small, private company (SME), located in Budapest (Hungary), founded in 1997. Employers: 2 persons. Main activity: developing and manufacturing membrane based, in vitro rapid diagnostic tests, among others fertility hormones (e.g. hCG) and drugs of abuse (DOA) tests. It is available equipped laboratory with all devices and instruments for manufacturing of membrane based rapid tests. The development of a new multicomponent drugs of abuse test (9 analytes) is supported by EU and Hungarian government (GVOP).
How did the SME get involved in the project?
Invitation by the project management. Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation offered significant support in partner search activity.
Role and activities of the SME in the project:
To develop membrane based rapid immunodiagnostic tests for pathogen detection.
The SME budget/grant:
414.000 euros/211.000 euros
Strategic expectations of the SME:
Development of new, unique products in the field of feed and food analysis
IPR for the SME:
When results are emerging from the project need to be protected (e.g. patents) the preparation of application of patens or other forms of intellectual property rights will be the responsibility of the partner which have made the invention.
SFF partner:
Annamaria Csanyi/HSTF. HSTF offered significant support in partner search activity.



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