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Plastcom Ltd.

Name of SME:      Plastcom Ltd. V Dairy Prisovice (Czech Republic)
                               Milcom (Czech Republic)
                               Dairy research Institute Zilina (Slovakia)

Project title:           Optimizing food technology for increasing nutritional value and bioavailability
                               of fermented dairy products by new beneficial LAB
Project acronym:  OMIBEL
Call details:           Food quality and safety, FP6-2005-FOOD-4-B, deadline 5 Oct 2005.
Project type:         STREP
Subject of the project:

OMIBEL aims to optimize food processing in dairy industry for the production of cheese with new types of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and without nitrate and other chemical additives. To achieve the qualitative improvement of dairy technology and progress in food safety a wide range of applications in isolation of new LAB strains, evaluation of their activity against pathogens, and spoilage microorganisms have to be tested. Cultivation of LAB strains with protective qualities will be transferred from laboratory level to industrial scale and new types of LAB will be introduced to cheese making technology in cooperating dairy plants (SMEs).
Context of the project:

The results of the project will contribute to the innovation of traditional semi-hard and fresh cheese-making technology in dairy plants not only by introduction by new LAB strains, but also by reducing the nitrate content.  Prolongation of shelf-life together with improved nutritional and organoleptic properties are expected.
Consortium composition:

1. Institute of Chemical Technology Prague (Czech Republic)
2. University of Stellenbosch (South Africa)
3. University of Food Technologies (Bulgaria)
4. Lunds Universitet (Sweden)
5. Biovallee (Belgium)
6. Central Food Research Institute (Hungary)
7. Mustafa Kemal University (Turkey)
8. Universidade dos Acores (Portugal)
9. Vyskumny ustav mliekarensky Zilina (Slovakia)
10. Cumhuriet University (Turkey)
11. AQUIMOA (China)
12. Dairy Humenne (Slovakia)
13. Plastcom V Dairy Prisovice (Czech Republic)

3-4 M Euro
Work programme:
not available
Brief description of the SME: 

Plastcom- Dairy Prisovice, Czech Republic, 60 employees, dairy production, packaging materials, previous experience in FP6 SSA OPTIMILK

MIlcom- Czech Republic, 40 employees, microbial dairy cultures, starters, previous experience in PHARE, COST, FP5

Vyzkumny ustav mliekarensky Zilina- Slovakia, 40 employees, dairy technology and engineering, research, consultation, business, experience in international research collaboration
How did the SME get involved in the project?

SMEs audited by SFF, participated at matchmaking meeting with the coordinator (organised within SFF activities)
Role and activities of the SME in the project:

Application of new protective and probiotic LAB strains in dairy processing. Laboratory and pilot scale testing of technological properties of new LAB strains in order to predict their applicability in at the dairy processing plant scale. Production of new type of cheeses using newly developed technology. Contacts with SMEs and dairy associations, dissemination of results.
SMEs staff training, raising consumer awareness and acceptance of innovative products.
The SME budget/grant:

Plastcom: 113 000 euro (grant)
Milcom: 65 000 euro (grant)
VUM Zilina: 149 000 euro (grant)
Strategic expectations of the SME:

Improving cheese making technology by introducing new beneficial LAB, production of new types of cheeses. Improvement of nutritional quality, safety and consumer acceptance of product resulted from innovative technology.
IPR for the SME: 
Information not available
SFF partner:  

Technology Centre AS CR, Nada Konickova, Tomas Sturc


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