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Fjord Marin Sea Products (Fjord Marin A.S)
Name of SME:        Fjord Marin Sea Products (Fjord Marin A.S)
Project title:            Developing and integrating novel technologies to improve safety,
                                   transparency and quality insurance of the chilled/frozen food supply
Project acronym:  CHILL ON

Call details:             FP6-2004-FOOD-3A

Project type:           IP
Subject of the project:
The CHILL-ON project will research and develop new approaches and concepts to improve the quality, safety visibility and traceability of the chilled/frozen food supply chain. It will research and develop new key elements currently either unavailable, or existing with remarkable limitations. The outputs of this project will be integrated into a holistic approach to deliver a complete integrated solution to significantly enhance the state of the art of the entire food supply chain from- "farm to fork". The project should result in a novel concept for tracking and tracing - "TRACECHILL" to include input from novel biosensors for low temperature microorganisms, novel chilling and packaging technologies and smart labeling.
Context of the project:
The consumption of chilled/frozen food products within Europe is growing above average (growth rates >10%) as a consequence of socio-cultural changes (e.g. increased single households), whereas food safety and quality are of great concern for consumers. With 11 million tons consumed per year, the European Union is the second largest market for chilled and frozen food products. More than 70% of food products are traded internationally which makes the food supply chain very complex with regard to quality and safety management. Up to today, there is no integrated concept available for the chilled and frozen food chain which allows both the complete and continuous monitoring of food safety and quality (together with environmental concerns) and the traceability of the entire supply chain. The pro-active and integrated approach of the CHILL-ON project, will implement in-deep research for each step of the chilled/frozen supply chain. This includes reviewing state-of-the art technologies, development of new technological concepts, their validation and potential scale up – with focus on monitoring managing and tracing the entire supply chain by a new developed system called TRACECHILL. The project will improve Quality and Safety as well as the transparency of the supply chain and the available information.
  Consortium composition:  
The consortium includes multidisciplinary integrating disciplines from food science, microbiology, physics, chemistry, and information technologies. It is composed of organizations from 6 Member States; United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece; 4 Associated States (Iceland, Israel, Switzerland and Turkey) and as well the 2 INCO countries China and Chile (which are amongst the most important seafood suppliers of Europe). Beside the partners from Academic institutions (five research centres and six universities), the consortium includes nine partners from Small and Medium Enterprise platform and three partners from Large Industry platform.
The total budget of the project requested from EC contribution is around 9.799.568 €
Work programme:
Full duration time of the project is 4 years. The CHILL-ON Integrated Project is designed to deliver a novel tracking and tracing system for the entire frozen and chilled food supply chain. In this project, it will be initially developed for the chilled and frozen fish and seafood products supply chain as these are the most sensitive goods with regard to microbial spoilage, parts of it will be also demonstrated for poultry. This enfolds new safety and quality concepts (WP1 QMRA model and quantitative HACCP), improved transport and storage conditions(WP3: new chilling technologies, optimized chilling procedures), innovative packaging solutions for smart label integration (WP3) and tracing and tracking technologies (WP 4 TTI, RFID, eCHILL-ON smart label (rfTTI), Mobile Management Unit and ICT software system. Special quality assurance tests will be developed based on novel biosensors for low temperature bacteria (WP2). Based on these technological developments, data from critical points in the supply chain will be transmitted in wireless and land line. An information system will be developed (TRACECHILL WP4) in order to ensure real-time traceability as well as full supply chain management according to the latest state-of-the-art technological approaches and real-time risk assessment in each stage. The CHILL-ON concept will be designed and applicable for different geographical regions (Europe, Asia and South America) according to identified needs of the supply chain (WP1). After thorough assessment of each developed part as well as the whole concept and validation in broad field trials (WP5), the CHILL-ON results will be widely disseminated and exploited by diverse training and education activities (WP6).
Brief description of the SME:
FJORD is an integrated fish farm company with its own hatcheries, on-growing sites, packing plant and large exportation capacity. FMT is one of the leading companies of Europe in production and distribution of Farmed Sea bass & Sea bream with annual output volume for 8.000 tones. The target till 2010 is 10.000 tones of production capacity. The operation consists of 10 fish farms with total production of 8.000 metric tones, 2 hatcheries with a total capacity of 20.000.000 juveniles, packing capacity of 8.000 tones per annum. There are completely independent logistic support units and the company is considered to be the leader of Turkey in exportation of Aquaculture products. FJORD carries out its production at 2 modern hatcheries with careful selection of brood stock and larvae, high-technology infrastructures, expert staff and with analytical and scientific methods. Fjord’s on-growing sites have been established in the most suitable waters for aquaculture of the Aegean Sea. There are 10 on-growing facilities with a total production capacity of 8,000 tons, of which one of them is only used for logistics and fish sizing procedures.
This is the first involvement of the FJORD in European projects
How did the SME get involved in the project?  
Fjord Marin learned about FP6 by the help of TUBITAK’s informative e-mails related with FP6. Then, Fjord visited TUBITAK and a face to face meeting was held. During this meeting, FP6 and SMEsforFOOD project was presented. In addition to TUBITAK’s partner search e-mails, Fjord has personal contacts with the Israeli coordinator. Fjord already collaborates with Israeli partners and ships the fish all over the EU, this uniqueness gives it the role of a bridge and will allow the testing of the new technologies and machineries from both Israel and the EU with the lowest waste of time. The company bought a Bubble Slurry Ice Machine from CRYTEC. which is one of the partner in this projects, to increase shelf life of its fish to carry the quality level to the top, to perform chilling technology, chilling in short time, enhancing chilling quality, prolong shelf life of the fish, producing own ice during harvest not using leaf ice buying from outside. Fjord Marin is fully capable to take under its responsible hands any partial or complete task to increase quality of the fish with high standards and food safety.
How did the Role and Activities of the SME in the project
FJORD will be a task leader in work package 5 which includes field trial model development. The design of the trial pattern will include simulated conditions to verify that all developed technologies could be tested and verified simultaneously. The scope, stages, procedures and expected results of the TRACECHILL system validation in real environment will be defined and specified in details. FJORD will participate both in the testing of the whole system and in the specific testing of the new liquid-ice technology (Bubble-ice).
The SME budget/grant 
288.224 / 9799.568
Strategic expectations of the SME:

§         Will gain international recognition,

§         start developing the tomorrow concepts and applications, in fields of first technological importance ranging from microbiology to SW and HW developments for tracing and monitoring tools,

§         Reduction of economic losses due to customers complaints by 90%,

§         producing own ice in company structure,

§         Increased sales due to improved quality and safety management system for its own business

§         Added value for customers, reduction of lot size in case of recall, and brand protection
IPR for the SME:  
SFF partner : TUBITAK-TURKEY: The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) is the umbrella organization for the National Contact Point system in Turkey for the Sixth EU Framework Program. TUBITAK National Coordination Office acts as a partner in 23 FP6 projects and as a coordinator in 2 FP6 projects. Dr. Sebnem Dogan is the National Contact Point for the Food Quality and Safety Thematic Priority. She is responsible from 5 SSA Projects in TP5 (SMEsforFOOD, Rural Etinet, TrainNet Future, CEC Animal Science, Agri Mapping). TUBITAK contacts many SMEs all over Turkey and tries to convince them about the SMEsforFOOD Project by face to face meetings, e-mails, brochures, telephone, info days etc. In addition, almost all of the partner searches are disseminated through TUBITAK’s e-mail lists (about 2600 people in Food Quality and Safety e-mail list) through Turkey. TUBITAK provides the contact between the Turkish researchers and the other European researchers.

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